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What you will learn throughout this course

  • What is Cancer?

  • Treatments & side effects

  • Benefits of Oncology massage

  • Client intake forms & permissions

  • Contraindications

  • Adapted massage techniques

  • Health & safety

  • The massage demonstration

  • 1:1 Session

  • Case studies

  • Graduation​

Once you have graduated you will receive your Post Graduate Diploma. This is an accredited, recognised qualification and you will be able to get Insurance Internationally.

Please note: Minimum entry requirements are Level 3 A&P or equivalent. 

If you don't have this, don't worry - I've got your back, click on the button below to view more courses.

Oncology massage FAQ's

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What our client's say

" Thank you! that's the first time I've slept through the night  since being diagnosed"

Rob P

A Bit about me and my "why"

A little about me.. I qualified as a beauty therapist 24 years ago, today I have a thriving massage business, two Wellness clinics and I'm a teacher/trainer.


7 years ago a loved one was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which unfortunately is Terminal, he was in a lot of pain (this form of cancer literally eats away at the bones) in a meeting with his consultant he said that massage would help.


Now I was trained in a time where not only was cancer a contraindication, it was thought that it would spread the cancer! So as you can imagine my response was “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Along with a couple of bleep words. So, I did it very tentatively, and was petrified the whole time.. needless to say it didn’t help very much.


After doing endless research I came across an Oncology Massage training course, and the rest is history. Everything happens for a reason right? This is why I’m so incredibly passionate about not only this course and training others to help more people trying to battle or live with this horrendous disease, but to get the knowledge about the benefits out there. 


Anything Is possible if you believe in yourself. I believe in you and I'm here to support you during your training but more importantly afterwards, when you need help setting up your business and getting clients, because let's face it most courses don't teach you how to do that! I want you to succeed!

cwc training academy

What my students say

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