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Cambridgeshire Wellness Clinic Treatments & Services

Cambridgeshire Wellness Clinic Is the hub of Individual businesses, together we offer over 100 different treatments and services over two clinics.
Pe4 5BH & PE1 1YL
Hair- Beauty- Tattoo- Advanced skin care - Anti wrinkle treatments - weight loss- Specialist massage treatments- Hair laser removal - Advanced body treatments- Counselling services- Advanced footcare & Podiatry- 
We also offer Accredited training courses.

To view all our services and treatments click on the button below. 

cwc link tree

How do I book a treatment?

When you click on the link It will take you to all the business within Cambridgeshire Wellness clinics.
Simply choose whether yo want the city centre or Werrington.
Choose the treatment or service you want
Click on that business and It will take you to their contact page, where you will find treatment list, pricing & booking Information.

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