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Specialist Massage Courses

Oncology Massage

What you will learn: What is Cancer? Treatments & side effects Benefits of Oncology massage Client in take forms & permissions Contra Indications Adapted massage techniques Health & safety The massage demonstration 1:1 Session Case studies Graduation Marketing Ideas £199 Online £299 In Person What are the benefits of Oncology massage? Reduced anxiety Improved physical and emotional confidence. Improved sleep Improved quality of life Reduced pain and improvement of mood, reduced stress levels Helps with neuropathy (pins and needles, numbness in hands and feet) sometimes caused by Chemotherapy Increased circulation Reduced nausea This beautiful massage also has huge benefits for clients suffering from anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ME, fatigue and many more conditions. This massage is so beautiful… Dare I say “IT’S Magic” Once you have graduated you will receive your Post Graduate Diploma, This is an accredited, recognised qualification and you will be able to get Insurance Internationally Please note - Min entry requirements are Level 3 A&P or equivalent. If you choose In person this will be held with me at my clinic In Peterborough. There are no scheduled dates. Once you have completed the online section of the course, contact me and we will arrange a mutually convenient date for your practical day.

Menopause Massage

What you will learn: What is Menopause? The Fertility system Stages of Menopause Common symptoms How does Massage help? The four point missile The nervous system The endocrine system Acupressure explained Aromatherapy oils Consultation Contra Indications Room set up Massage routine Aftercare advice Marketing copy 1:1 session Case studies Graduation £199 Online £299 In Person With so many ladies suffering with the Peripause and Menopause and the support being minimal I thought it vital to offer some help, so I created the following Massagge for Menopause treatment: After months of research and case studies I have found the perfect 4 point missile to help with common symptoms like : mood swings hot flushes brain fog anxiety migraines aches & pains The power of touch is real and we are getting some Incredible results. Accredited by IPHM and fully Insurable Min entry requirement Beauty/Massage therapist If you choose In person this will be held with me at my clinic In Peterborough. There are no scheduled dates. Once you have completed the online section of the course, contact me and we will arrange a mutually convenient date for your practical day.

Manual lymphatic drainage

What you will learn: The history Benefits of MLD The Lymphatic System and how It works Contra- Indications & Indications Consultation Room setup MLD Watersheds MLD techniques Practical step by step videos of the full body sequence The difference between Oedema & Lymphedema Sequence for Oedema & Lymphedema Understanding compromised Lymph nodes Sequence for working around compromised Lymph nodes MLD Post surgery Marketing copy 1:1 Case studies Graduation £199 Online £299 In Person Unlock the power of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)! Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialised massage technique that has many benefits: Reduces swelling & Inflammation, boosts the Immune system, speeds up the healing process, helps with pain management, detoxifies, stress relief & relaxation are to name a few. This In depth course is Accredited by IPHM & Fully Insurable​ Roughly 40 hrs learning Min entry requirement: Massage therapist or level 3 A&P If you choose In person this will be held with me at my clinic In Peterborough. There are no scheduled dates. Once you have completed the online section of the course, contact me and we will arrange a mutually convenient date for your practical day.

Heated Bamboo Massage

What you will learn: Health, safety, and hygiene. Anatomy & Physiology The history of bamboo Benefits Massage mediums. Massage movements. Contra-indications Contra actions Consultation Practical videos Marketing Ideas 1:1 session Case studies Graduation Price drop Usually £99 NOW £69 Benefits of Warm Bamboo Massage: Alleviation of pain Increase in muscle and joint flexibility Relief of stress and tension Aids relaxation and promotes more restful sleep Increases circulation Aids lymphatic drainage by eliminating toxins Increased energy levels Improves overall health and well-being Warm Bamboo is a versatile therapy that can be used in different ways to enhance your current practice. This course Is accredited by ABT and Is fully Insurable Roughly 20hrs of learning No min entry requirements. Please note you will need to purchase bamboo sticks & the heated bag separately, they are not Included In the course price. ​

Hot stones


What you will learn: Health, safety, and hygiene. The skin. Bones and muscles. Massage explanation. Massage mediums. Massage movements. Contra-indications Contra actions and after care. Consultation Routine 1:1 tutor support Case studies Marketing copy Graduation Lauch price £69 Online only Are you ready to elevate your massage skills to new heights? Join our comprehensive Hot Stones Massage Training Course designed for beginners starting their massage career or experienced therapists seeking to expand their treatment offerings. This in-depth program covers the art of hot stone massage techniques, providing hands-on training and theoretical knowledge. Learn how to use Hot stones effectively to deliver a unique and therapeutic massage experience. Enhance your skills, attract more clients, and stand out in the competitive massage industry with our Hot stones Massage online Training Course. Sign up now and embark on a journey to master the art of Hot stones massage! This Is a international qualification and fully Insurable No entry requirements 20 hrs learning time accredited by ABT Please note that you will need to purchase your hot stones and heat bag. These are not Included.

Why choose us?

  • Accredited fully Insurable courses           

  • Online training Or In person available     

  • In house training available for groups, spas and colleges              

  • Payment plans available

  • Min entry requirements level 3 Massage/beauty therapy for Oncology Massage.

  • Min entry requirements for MLD & Menopause massage. Full body massage qualification Is needed

  • All courses are priced Individually

  • 1:1 tutor support & guidance, during and after the course

  • Committed to delivering specialist courses so you can stand out from the crowd

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What our Massage client's say

" Thank you! that's the first time I've slept through the night  since being diagnosed"

Rob P

A Bit about me and my "why"

A little about me.. I qualified as a beauty therapist 29 years ago, today I have a thriving massage business, two Wellness clinics and I'm a teacher/trainer.
8 years ago a loved one was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which unfortunately is Terminal, he was in a lot of pain (this form of cancer literally eats away at the bones) in a meeting with his consultant he said that massage would help.
Now I was trained in a time where not only was cancer a contraindication, it was thought that it would spread the cancer! So as you can imagine my response was “ARE YOU CRAZY?” Along with a couple of bleep words. So, I did it very tentatively, and was petrified the whole time.. needless to say it didn’t help very much.
After doing endless research I came across an Oncology Massage course, and the rest is history. Everything happens for a reason right? This is why I’m so incredibly passionate about not only this course and training others to help more people trying to battle or live with this horrendous disease, but to get the knowledge about the benefits out there. 

I am Incredibly passionate about the power of touch and realised that I can't make the difference I want by myself, which Is why I launched the training academy December 22. Committed to making sure each and every student is confident & highly competent.
Anything Is possible if you believe in yourself. I believe in you and I'm here to support you during your training but more importantly afterwards, when you need help setting up your business and getting clients, because let's face it most courses don't teach you how to do that! I want you to succeed!

Specialist massage training

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