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Unlock the power of menopause massage

Have you ever felt the frustration of not being able to fully support your menopausal clients? What if you could gain the skills to transform their experience and skyrocket your career?

What awaits you:

Essential techniques to help with common menopausal symptoms

 Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home

Outshine competitors with niche expertise

Gain a fully insurable, international qualification in menopause massage

1:1 tutor support & guidance

This training will teach you the perfect 4 point missile to help with common symptoms like

Holding a bunch of flowers in arms

Mood Swings



Managing-Hot-Flashes-in-Hot-Weather (1).png

Hot Flushes



Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Brain  Fog

Stomach Ache

Aches & Pains

What is the four point missile?

✅Deeply relaxing massage, somewhere between oncology & Swedish
✅Aromatherapy blend to help balance hormones
✅5 Acupressure points to target common symptoms associated with menopause  
✅Acupressure magnet plasters for In between treatments and aftercare for clients at home

✅Let clients take their power back over this often debilitating symptoms

Min entry requirements: Massage/Beauty/holistic therapist

Spa Treatment Stones
Spa Massage
Woman in a Spa

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Add massage for menopause to your treatment menu and start your new exciting journey today for only £99.50 or 3 monthly payments of just £33 pm
Use code "50OFF"
Valid until 31st January 

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