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Stand out from the crowd and learn Menopause massage!

Menopause Massage fAQ's

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Now £99.50 or £33 pm

With so many ladies suffering with peri/menopausal symptoms and the support being minimal, I thought It vital to offer some help through the power of touch.


This training will teach you the perfect 4 point missile to help with common symptoms like:

  • Mood swings

  • Hot flushes

  • Meno fog

  • Anxiety

  • Headaches

  • Aches & Pains

What you will learn: What is Menopause? The Fertility system Stages of Menopause Common symptoms of Menopause & Perimenopause How does Massage help? The four point  missile The nervous system & Its function The endocrine system & Its function Acupressure explained Aromatherapy oils for Menopause Consultation & Contra-Indications Room set up Massage routine Aftercare advice Marketing  1:1 session Case studies Online Investment £199 In Person Investment £299 This In depth easy to follow training Is roughly 30 hrs of learning. Min entry requirement - Massage therapy qualification.

     What is the four point missile?

  • Deeply relaxing massage, somewhere between oncology & Swedish

  • Aromatherapy blend to balance hormones

  • Acupressure to balance hormones

  • Acupressure magnet plasters for In between treatments and aftercare for at home.

Add massage for menopause to your treatment menu and start your new exciting journey today!

£199 Online or £299 In person

Jolene Bryden

Amazing massage for menopause and even more amazing results from It, I think It's my favourite treatment to provide. Thank you Kerry!

What my students say

Rachel Bainbridge

I have just got back from the most Incredible week, menopause massaging! 14 treatments over 4 days - taught all about acupressure & essential oils and they loved It! Thank you for developing this course & helping me help others!

Kerrie Ladek

Just completed the massage for menopause with Kerry and it was a great experience from start to finish. Kerry is easy to chat to, is on hand when needed and helps anyway she can, nothing is too much trouble. The videos are great and was such an easy online course to follow. Highly recommend this lovely lady

A Bit about me and my "why"

A little about me.. I qualified as a beauty therapist 29 years ago, today I have two wellness clinics supporting 18 different business's & a specialist massage training academy.
8 years ago, a loved one was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma which unfortunately is Terminal. After doing endless research I came across an Oncology Massage course. This Is truly when I understood the power of touch and the benefits It brings. This was the sole reason I started the training academy. I knew I could not make the difference I wanted alone, I had to train more Oncology therapists. 

After experiencing some peri menopausal symptoms a few years ago, I knew that there must be some way massage could help. After endless research and case studies I came up with the 4 point missile!

I am Incredibly passionate about the power of touch and realised that I can't make the difference I want by myself. I launched the training academy In December 22.
I'm c
ommitted to making sure each and every student is confident & highly competent.
Anything Is possible if you believe in yourself. I believe in you and I'm here to support you during your training but more importantly afterwards, when you need help setting up your business and getting clients, because let's face it most courses don't teach you how to do that! I want you to succeed!

Kerry x

Specialist massage training

Murium Conner 

“I really enjoyed the massage, especially the circular motion which I have not encountered before. This morning I had an overall feeling of well-being, more energised and my joints were less stiff."

What Menopause clients say

Irene Taylor

"I have never felt so relaxed during and after a massage, It felt amazing and the oils smelt amazing for ages after too.
I did the pressure points every day and felt a difference In my sleep pattern and my digestion even after 1 week of having the treatment.
I will definitely be booking In for another treatment and telling people about it!"

Lisa Diver

“I absolutely love this massage! I haven't slept this well In years.
I feel more energised and my head Is less cloudy. My family have even noticed a difference In me. Thank you so much for Introducing this massage to me, I finally have a way to ditch HRT”
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