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Menopause massage (In person training)


Hello, I'm Kerry the course creator and educator. This Is for students that would prefer face to face training, the theory is still online, but we will have a 1:1 practical day. I know that by training more therapists this technique, we will together help so many women have a better quality of life. During this course you will learn a specific Massage routine, Essential oils, Acupressure points and Aftercare for your client to do at home in between appointments. Menopause can be debilitating for so many. During my research and case studies I had an overwhelming response from women asking for help in managing their symptoms. This four way approach will help with common side effects of Menopause and Perimenopause. Internationally accredited & Insurable course Entry level requirement: Massage therapy What you will learn: What is Menopause? The Fertility system Stages of Menopause Common symptoms of Menopause & Perimenopause How does Massage help? The four point missile The nervous system & It's function The endocrine system & It's function Acupressure explained Aromatherapy oils for Menopause Consultation & Contra-Indications Room set up Massage routine Aftercare advice 1:1 session Case studies Marketing copy I will support you 1:1 all the way through and after you qualify. It Is important to me that I am training confident and highly competent students. Any questions, feel free to contact me 07885995663 Kerry x

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Menopause Massage (In person), £299.00
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