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Bamboo massage (online)


Are you ready to elevate your massage skills to new heights? Join our comprehensive Bamboo Massage Training Course designed for beginners starting their massage career or experienced therapists seeking to expand their treatment offerings. This in-depth program covers the art of bamboo massage techniques, providing hands-on training and theoretical knowledge. Learn how to use bamboo tools effectively to deliver a unique and therapeutic massage experience. Enhance your skills, attract more clients, and stand out in the competitive massage industry with our Bamboo Massage Training Course. Sign up now and embark on a journey to master the art of bamboo massage! What you will learn: Health, safety, and hygiene. The skin. Bones and muscles. Massage explanation. Massage mediums. Massage movements. Contra-indications Contra actions and after care. Consultation Routine 1:1 tutor support Case studies Graduation This Is a international qualification and fully Insurable No entry requirements 20 hrs learning time accredited by ABT Please note that you will need to purchase your bamboo sticks and heat bag. These are not Included.

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Heated Bamboo Massage (online)

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