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MLD (Online)


Unlock the power of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)! Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialised massage technique that has many benefits: Reduces swelling & Inflammation, boosts the Immune system, speeds up the healing process, helps with pain management, detoxifies, stress relief & relaxation are to name a few. What you will learn: The history Benefits of MLD The Lymphatic System and how It works Contra- Indications & Indications Consultation Room setup & Equipment MLD Watersheds MLD techniques Practical step by step videos of the full body sequence The difference between Oedema & Lymphedema Sequence for Oedema & Lymphedema Understanding compromised Lymph nodes Sequence for working around compromised Lymph nodes MLD Post surgery 1:1 Case studies Graduation This Is an Internationally accredited and fully Insurable qualification. Min entry level 3 A&P Level 3 Beauty/Massage/Sports massage therapist. Proof required. If you are unsure you meet the min entry requirements please get in touch. or 07885995663 If you wish to have a chat about the course. See you in there Kerry x

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2 Plans Available, From £199.00
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