Facial Treatment

Advanced Skin Treatments

What are advanced skin treatments?

These are for more complex skin concerns.

To get the most out of your facial and body treatments, book a free consultation so we can guide
you through the best treatments for your skin.

IPL Hair Removal

Duration:  Varies dependent on area


IPL is used for Unwanted Permenant hair removal, which is mainly considered a cosmetic treatment but may very well be the result of medical conditions. For women hair, removal is often requested in the face, arm, legs and underarms whereas for men hair removal on the
cheek, chest, and back is in higher demand..



Breast Lifting/Plumping

Duration:20 mins


IPL laser treatment can lift the breasts or enlarge for ladies that want a bigger cup size.

Light pulses increase collagen to the area, making it fuller and firmer.





Duration: 15 mins


Super soft skin!

Exfoliator is applied to your body and gently massaged, to remove dead skin. Once removed you will have brighter, softer skin.

Why not add a back massage as well?for only an extra £15.00



Fat Dissolve injections 

Duration: 60 mins


This is a safe, effective fat dissolving injection treatment that reduces fat cells in the chosen area. Which means you can banish those stubborn wobbly bits! Aqualyx surrounds and breaks down the fat cells, they are then excreted by the body safely.  FDA approved and the results are amazing!

Great for treating small areas such as, chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. Results are permanent unless you gain excess weight. 





Duration: 30 mins

one session £30.00

Course Options: £270.00

Recommended Full 10 sessions

or PAYG is available


This fantastic treatment can reduce your cellulite, We use a micro current to break down the cellulite which is then massaged out through you lymph nodes. Leaving your legs looking firmer and smoother



Inch loss Contour wrap

Duration: 1hr 20 mins


This fantastic treatment offers instant results, it's relaxing, pain free and great if you need to lose that few extra inches to get you in to your favourite outfit.

A detoxifying gel is applied to your body, you are then wrapped in bandages and left to relax for 1 hr whilst the treatment works its magic! Your body can continue to release toxins for up to 3 days after and the effects will last for up to 30 days. You are likely to lose a minimum of 6" from your body!