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How does it work?

The magnet draws qui and blood to the area working with the bodies energy channels to release common symptoms such as hot flushes assosiated with perimenopaus and menopause.


Acupressure plasters are a magnet which is held in place by the way of a plaster. 

They can be used on any acupressure point on the body, they work by applying constant pressure to the acupressure point and are traditionally used in chinese medicine for clearing heat in the body, but can be used on any pain point.


To apply, make sure the area is clean and dry. Place four fingers horizontaly at the bottom of the scull and place the plaster where the fourth finger is, in the middle of the neck.


The plaster will need to be changed every few days for hygeine, but you can reuse the magnets. 

10 acupressure magnets per box


Not suitable if you are allergic to latex, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keep away from children. Magnets should not be used by individuals using pacemakers, Insulin pumps or transdernal drug delivery patches. never place over an open wound.

Menopause acupressure magnets

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