Manicured Nails

Hands & Feet

Hands & feet 

Your hands and feet are the most used and yet we seem to neglect them the most! Look and feel fabulous with our range of Treatments.... you will be literally skipping out the Clinic x


Duration: 45 Mins


It includes filing and shaping, deep cuticle work, hand and arm massage and lastly buffing and nail varnish or Gel Polish. Each of these brings huge health benefits to one’s hands and nails. You will notice and feel the difference during the treatment and with a bonus, you get to just close your eyes, listen to calming music and relax.




Duration: 50 mins


One of the most important benefits is the feel good factor. It’s amazing how your feet, when treated, can make you feel so good about yourself and give a real confidence boost, along with feeling relaxed, clean and pampered.

Includes nail trim and file, Cuticle removal, Hard skin removal, Foot and leg massage and finish with Polish or Gel polish.



Gel polish removal

Duration: 30 mins


It's important to remove Gel polish in the right way, not the way that damages your nail bed.. leave it to us! we will remove your gel and add in a mini Manicure.