Meet the Team


Kerry Moore

Cambridgeshire Wellness Clinic

Hi! I am the owner of Cambridgeshire Wellness Clinic & a Level 3 beauty therapist and advanced skin care. I also Specialise  in oncology massage. 

I started the clinic for two reasons, firstly to bring all therapies under one roof, and have a vast selection of treatments, and alternative therapies to empower our clients with knowledge and choice. 


Secondly to help therapist start or grow their business with the support of like minded entrepreneurs at an affordable cost. 


I am so passionate about the clinic. I love to help people and by creating this space, it enables that every day. 


Lydia Prosser

Shadow of Beauty

Hi I’m Lydia, I’m a qualified  and experienced level 3 Beauty Therapist. The best thing about my job is that I can make you look and feel great! I offer all Beauty and advanced Beauty & Skincare treatments.

Cathryn Hicks

Cathryn Hicks

Juniper Play Therapy

I work with children aged between three and fourteen, although I can adapt the Play Therapy to work with teenagers and adults with additional needs. I became a Play Therapist as I wanted to support children to process and overcome difficult and traumatic life experiences. Previously I worked as a teacher for 16 years in both mainstream and special needs settings

Holly Clark


Luxeries & Lashes HB

I am a level 7 Advanced Practitioner and am passionate about clients feeling amazing about themselves. I offer a range of  services including Lash extensions and Advanced Aesthetic treatments.

Chantell King


MWAH by Chantell

I’ve always enjoyed creating. While studying art at college I did a project on appearances. I really got into the makeovers, and went on to study Hair & Makeup for Film and TV. It involved Wig Making, Face&Body Painting, Special Effects; I later added Life casting.

It was after I had my daughter that I found I wanted something closer to home, with more regular 9-5 hours, that allowed me to still be a hands on mum. I decided to broaden my skills and add beauty services, so became a wax therapist and nail technician. I’m now able to work on a variety of canvases with different mediums.

Emma Norris

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Emma Norris Hypnotherapy

Hi I’m Emma and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist.I use hypnosis and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques which means I am able to help people with a variety of emotional and behavioural problems; reducing anxiety, increasing self confidence and self esteem as well as changing any unwanted habits . Hypnotherapy can be used to help all sorts of issues and so if you want to learn more or have a conversation about how I can help you please get in touch.

Hayley Evans


Ink Imaginarium

I run Ink Imaginarium, a tattoo studio with a difference. I focus on keeping a calm, relaxed environment in my room and work mainly with women (but male clients are welcome!)

I'm a big advocate for demystifying mental health issues and love working with clients who need help covering up scars.