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Holistic  Therapies

Holistic Medicine is a form of healing, that considers the whole person... Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions in the quest for optimal Health and Wellness!

Kinesiology (food Intolerance testing)

Duration: 1hr 15 mins

About: Registered nurse Gill Hardy has been performing these tests for over 20 years. 

Food intolerance can cause unexplained symptoms such as Irritable bowel, bloating, muscular pain, lethargy, weight gain...Sound familiar?

 Gill tests for over 50 foods, vitamin and mineral deficiency and candida overgrowth. 

the appointment includes, food intolerance testing, dietary advice where applicable and advice on deficiencies. A follow up call after 4 weeks for any further help or advice.

Contact Nurse Gill Hardy: 07817317606